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Sleep Paralysis  I have only ever experienced this phenomenon on one occasion during the mid 1980s, when I was living in a rented bedsit in North West London. It has never occurred since and probably because I instinctively dealt with it in the right way. It was not until I discovered the website thirty years later that I had any insight into what I had experienced or how widespread a problem this is to so many people.

 What I experienced left me with a reinforced understanding of the power that is in the very name of Jesus alone against such spiritual entities as would seek to invade our lives. For any “purists” who say that you should only use his Hebrew name, I say that the name has power in any language if you know who you are calling upon and I have proved this over time in many life situations aside from this one. It also allowed me to experience the perfect peace that our Saviour is able to to impart under such circumstances. I do not know what preempted what I experienced. There are a number of possibilities but I can only speculate.

 I would recommend anyone who suffers from this phenomenon or has suffered in the past to visit the site I have indicated here and take counsel from the material within it. There are a number of accounts of personal experiences which people have posted on this site and I have recently added my own to them. What I experienced was relatively mild compared to others but real enough at the time. I would urge anyone reading this not to read such accounts out of simple curiosity if you are not a Christian or have not experienced such things but by all means consider the content of the video below.

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  1. I’ve both read the book and listened to the audiobook, and this is possibly Chris White’s best work for the long haul. I’ve known so many people that have dealt with this.

    This subject comes up occasionally on Reddit, and the question is almost always “How do I make this stop”. The only solution ever offered is a link to this book, but it gets downvoted to oblivion almost every time. There can be 100 “it’s harmless let it happen, or enjoy it” comments, and only a single post offering an actual solution on how to make it stop.

    I’ve tried sharing it in many different ways, but it’s almost like people watch for it to be suggested, and then bury the post. I’ve also PM’ed it to the asker in the past, and never gotten a reply, but I don’t consider that to be a bad sign. I just hope this work can become more widely known, because I can hardly think of a person that hasn’t had this at least once.

    • I know what you mean about how this subject gets treated. I put a post up about this site quite a while ago on facebook. It was virtually ignored and got buried pretty quickly in wall history. I noticed that one of your other posts on here has got Chris White reference material behind it, so I’m not surprised you’d been through this particular subject before.

      I have purposely not put the details of my own experience here because I think people who have not experienced this should not get fascinated by the details of such manifestations. I just know what has worked against it permanently from the first time I ever experienced it.

      What prompted me with this was your post on the subject of Lilith (aka “the night hag”) cos I’ve seen sleep paralysis referred to on other sites as night hag syndrome. These spooks can’t resist trying to make a name for themselves, eh? Perhaps we can headline this on the blog for a while or do so periodically.

      • That’s a good idea. I think there’s a way to feature sites on the sidebar somewhere. If not, we can certainly make a “Recommended Sites” page and add it there.

        I added the Lilith article because I follow Biblical Archaeology Daily and it was a good article, the best I’d seen on the subject. There’s a lot of speculation about Lilith, so I thought the post was a good coverage of what people thought she was throughout history.

  2. Troy, It has come to my realisation that the opposition to this subject coming under serious consideration in various internet social forums may be due to the fact that many instances of “sleep paralysis” are deliberately assigned against certain people by practising occultists for whatever reason. I outed one such particular suspect last night on the Real Giants facebook page. It’s pretty certain that there will be others lurking around too.

    • Is it still on FB? If I find it, do you mind if I link it here?

      I wonder if this is on Russ Dizdar’s radar as well.

  3. The church need to know about spiritual war fare. What they about warfare it very little and they are clueslss about about time someone who gone through this know how to deal with this .maybe the time was not right. But it time now to teach on this spiritual warfare. I want to read your soon I have time phone dose not work like that but I try to.thank yewha bless you.

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