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010611 - Cruel Culture COLThe discussion on Facebook from the post on Headcoverings made me remember this gem of a cartoon. I contacted the cartoonist and asked permission to use it, pointing out that the context would be different since here it would be more about modesty rather than culture, as he wrote it. He very kindly allowed us to post it, so here it is! The original artist is Malcolm Evans and the title of the cartoon is Cruel Culture from January 6, 2011.

  2 Responses to “Cruel Culture”

  1. A wry but completely hypothetical caricature observation which incorrectly suggests the attitude of the average full cover wearing muslim woman to western women’s dress.

    I watched a snapshot video recently made by a local girl from Luton who was filming a muslim hate march in her home town. One of the Jawa-like marchers kept shrieking at her to “get some clothes on, you whore! …. who are you trying to seduce?”

    The girl was actually dressed in a calf length summer dress which did not accentuate her femininity any more than to appear charmingly modest. I’m pleased to say that she remained remarkably good humoured and composed with no loss of dignity in spite of the gutter mouthed witch’s vain attempts to upset her.

    These extremists take the view that to indicate femininity by anything less than being covered from head to foot by a black shroud is utterly shameful and are prepared to attempt to twist the consciences of any non-conforming woman irrespective of that woman’s persuasion in order to try and enforce their personal sense of shame on all.

    I never see these head case zealots turning out in force to oppose a “gay pride” march though. It seems that they are lovers of any shame and perversion which they can either project onto or attribute to western society which might bolster their ill founded sense of relative moral superiority. They’re just a bunch of hypocritical, self righteous inquisitors.

  2. Yup, completely hypothetical and done for humor and culture commentary by a male artist, and possibly from the “male guilt” perspective. Bears zero resemblance to actual life, agreed.

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