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How has wearing a headcoving blessed you?

How has wearing a headcovering blessed you? – YouTube.

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  1. The wearing of “head coverings” is in resurgence among devout women these days. They were only generally abandoned during the 20th century in any case. Before that (and in many cases throughout) it was customary for women to wear their hair “up” with a hat, bonnet or headscarf covering it. It was only during the period of women’s emancipation and since that a lot of women began to be seen with their heads uncovered.

    I therefore chuckle at the idea that women nowadays consider it to be a major step of faith to cover their heads, particularly as I remember it to be a social norm from my childhood among women irrespective either of their faith or lack of it. It also seems to me that such latter day head coverings are either of such exotic style or so lacking it that they advertise a sense of religious conformity in an outward show.

    I would therefore consider the old school “felt hat brigade” to be more genuine and unthinking in their modesty, but that’s just me. Perhaps it’s inevitable that women who have lived the better part of their lives during or since the latter part of the 20th century might find the readjustment to wearing headgear something of a challenging social exercise, particularly since hat shops have all but disappeared as common retail outlets.

    On one other note, I did find it rather anomalous for the attractive young lady in the video to be speaking about how modest it is to wear a headcovering while her face is so alluringly made up. I thought perhaps it might be a greater leap of faith for her to abandon her makeup than it is for her to adopt her exotically stylish headscarf.

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