Oct 032014

010611 - Cruel Culture COLThe discussion on Facebook from the post on Headcoverings made me remember this gem of a cartoon. I contacted the cartoonist and asked permission to use it, pointing out that the context would be different since here it would be more about modesty rather than culture, as he wrote it. He very kindly allowed us to post it, so here it is! The original artist is Malcolm Evans and the title of the cartoon is Cruel Culture from January 6, 2011.

Sep 232014

Rabbi Asher Meza says that as long as someone is Torah-observant and follow Halakha, they should not be rejected as Jewish.

Messianics are NOT HERETICS!

My question would be does he consider Karaism heretical? I suspect he does since he repeatedly refers to Halakha, but if Karaites are also not rejected from Judaism, then what of a Torah-observant non-Halakhic Messianic?

Either way, this is a big step for a Rabbi to say that Torah observance is what really matters, not whether someone believes YHVH had a body or is a unity of constituent parts.